Royal Glenora Club

Completed: 2018

Services: Communications, Public Engagement, Content Creation

Does your next special resolution need to pass?

The Royal Glenora Club is a private Athletic and Social Club that members strive to be a part of for life. With a long-awaited renovation plan about to begin, this Edmonton non-profit club needed to have more than 75 per cent of its 1,200 shareholders to agree to a multi-million spending resolution. This is where The Adams Agency internal communications strategies come into their own. We prepared a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) approach to help the Club’s volunteer board educate eligible voters about the need for renovation, and to persuade them to vote ‘yes’ in order to green light the spending resolution.

Highlights & Results

Our GOTV and communication strategies used a multi-prong voter identification approach. We facilitated and advised a layered campaign intended to educate and gain support of members, which allowed shareholders to gather all the information they needed, providing them with the confidence they needed to vote ‘YES’. 

In addition to the multiple streams of content created, The Adams Agency produced an aspirational video to showcase the redevelopment project’s highlights which showcased the club’s long standing history and created excitement about the future. 

The spending resolution passed with support from 87 per cent of eligible RGC shareholders. Voter turnout was the highest in the Club’s history, with more than 82% voters casting a ballot.