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You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Crisis Communications

“When you’re explaining, you’re losing. ”

When a crisis hits, the character and strength of an organization is laid bare. We help you deal with the situation head-on and clearly communicate what happened, while strengthening your brand and organization’s hard-earned reputation. 

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Media relations

“Nobody knows, nobody cares. ”

Your message matters, but if no one hears it, what’s the point? We help you refine and target your story so that you can cut through all the noise and reach the audiences that matter to you. From media conferences to targeted “influencer” and social media strategies, our plans have helped clients receive millions of impressions and earned media coverage.

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Corporate Communications

“Silence is deafening.”

Misinformation, silence or unclear strategies drag down and kill organizations. Even the most high-performing communications teams need help from time-to-time — this is where we come in. Our diverse clientele across industry and governments provides you the latest in communication best practices, fresh ideas, and tested methods of execution. Whether it is a short- or long-term project, we provide full service support in areas such as change management, board governance support, strategic and business planning, and innovative and strategic communication tactics.

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Public Engagement

“What’s in it for me?”

Do you need an answer to a question? Do you need to persuade people to support a project? We can help you connect with the public in a meaningful way. The Adams Agency connects you with the right decision-makers and influencers to help make it a reality. Don’t get lost navigating confusing political and corporate waters. Our team of experts ensure your message and goals are front and centre for the people who can help your organization move ahead.

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Media Training

“Don’t bury the lede.”

Let’s face it: most people dread talking to reporters. You’re worried about saying too much, too little or nothing at all. The Adams Agency offers group or one-on-one media training that gives you the step-by-step on how to nail that next media interview. Our experienced trainers are former reporters who know the ins-and-outs about what journalists need and want out of an interview.

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Does your organization have curb appeal? The Adams Agency has a team of marketing and design experts who can help your organization find its wow factor and set it miles apart from your competition.

Content Creation and Management

“New school is old school. ”

A great story doesn’t change, but how you tell it has. You are now the media and we’re here to help. From Instagram Stories to Facebook Live to Twitter, there are seemingly a million new ways to get in front of your audience. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fundamentals of a good story. The Adams Agency offers full-service digital content creation, tutorials and analytic support, including primers on the latest social media tips and tricks and content calendars.

Event Management

“Only boring people are boring. ”

Don’t be boring. This is an Instagram world and we just live in it. The Adams Agency has years of experience organizing events, big and small. From the concept to the guest list, we create event plans that connect your brand and messaging for an event to remember. No detail is missed. No one wishes they were anywhere else. 

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