HeyBryan Launch – Vancouver

Completed: 2018

Services: Public Relations, Communications, Event Management

Are you launching a new product or service?

HeyBryan created an App in Canada that offers an expert network of reliable and accessible home-service pros. It’s a simple and secure platform to get customers and contractors together. The Adams Agency created a meticulously designed and executed media-focused launch in Vancouver with HeyBryan’s ambassador: HGTV’s home maintenance guru Bryan Baeumler. Creating a buzz with limited media appearances available in the city, The Adams Agency secured a stream of valuable media coverage, ending the day with a slick party packed with superior media presence. It was a day to remember, with a long-lasting effect.

Highlights & Results

We secured a full day of traditional media interviews for Bryan Baeumler, followed by a host of additional online media coverage from local Vancouver influencers promoting the new HeyBryan App. Bryan’s nine page itinerary kept him and the company’s CEO busy from 5am past midnight.

After the launch day and party, the HeyBryan App received significant traction that correlated directly to the livewire attentions of The Adams Agency with more calls to the contact centre and downloads than ever before. 

“Over the years that we’ve worked with The Adams Agency, my visits to Edmonton have always been full of back-to-back media interviews and huge crowds. When launching HeyBryan in Western Canada, it only made sense that their team was the one we called first and they did not disappoint. Always professional and to-the-point, Jenny’s team is the only PR team I let boss me around - which is exactly what you want from your PR team.”
- Bryan Baeumler