Edmonton Health City

Completed: 2017
Services: Public Engagement, Branding, Public Relations and Marketing, Content Creation, Event Management

do you need public engagement to lead the way?

In the world of health innovation, Edmonton leads the way as a medical research powerhouse and significant pioneer within the healthcare industry. The Adams Agency was hired as Communications and Brand Lead Consultants and part of the leadership team that would build an economic development initiative to promote and brand Edmonton as the ‘Health City’. An international hub and incubator for health innovation, Health City would accelerate this ecosystem in the Edmonton region.

Highlights & results

Within seven months, the leadership team successfully created a 10-year strategic plan, working with over 70 stakeholders, and a steering committee comprised of senior executive leaders in Alberta.

Over the course of the project, we lead the creation of the brand, website, social media strategy and visual direction, as well as all other touch points associated with the brand.

Presenting the concept on behalf of the industry, The Adams Agency was instrumental in creating the Health City brand and led the direction for the initiative.

There is also now a professionally produced Health City podcast.The wider result? Economic gains for Edmonton, plus social and health benefits for our region – and beyond.


Brand Concept