My United Way - All in for Youth

Completed: 2020

Services: Media Relations

My United Way provides essential support services for vulnerable youth in Edmonton with the ‘All in For Youth’ program. They faced funding shortages and potential stoppage of the program since it was first piloted 5 year previously. To raise awareness for the impact and importance of the AIFY program, a media strategy was launched to engage the public and garner support. 

We created four approved impact statements that were rolled out individually and supported by key facts and figures, program details, and testimonials. ​This digital campaign delivered a clear and consistent message that enabled a ripple effect with select social influencers. The media drop content proved to be great content for these influencers and provided them with genuine talking points to share to their followers. Edmonton’s media community were pitched unique story concepts that were supported and picked up.

Highlights & Results

We secured​ ​$103,453.20​ in publicity with ​466,750 ​impressions for the ‘All in for Youth’ media campaign, including media spots in Global Edmonton, City News, 630 CHED, CBC Radio and The Breeze FM. The media campaign was also a success due to the non-traditional media integration which saw upwards of 96,000 impressions from local influencers alone.