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don't bury the lede.

Let’s face it: most people dread talking to reporters. You’re worried about saying too much, too little or nothing at all. The Adams Agency offers group or one-on-one media training that gives you the step-by-step on how to nail that next media interview. Our experienced trainers are former reporters who know the ins-and-outs about what journalists need and want out of an interview.

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When it comes to tackling the media, the key to success is to be prepared. At minimum, your executive leadership team and head of communications should be prepped for media training in the event a crisis hits, especially when there is no time to spare.

For proactive media campaigns, knowing how to work best with the media today will create a winning situation for all and put your organization ahead of the rest.

Our media training sessions are taught by former journalists, television hosts and producers, former press secretaries and new-media experts. Our content is modern and timely, and is flexible to meet the requirements of your organization.

Our sessions include:

Media landscape: How traditional media and social media work together, what journalists need and how the industry has changed.

The Pitch: What makes your story unique and ‘newsworthy’.

Key message development: Being consistent with your message is key. It is important to know what you want to say — before you start talking.

Interview tips and techniques

Mock interviews – for good news situations and bad.

Optional services include: speech writing, public speaking and voice coaching.

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