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only boring people are boring.

Don’t be boring. This is an Instagram world and we just live in it. The Adams Agency has years of experience organizing events, big and small. From the concept to the guest list, we create event plans that connect your brand and messaging for an event to remember. No detail is missed. No one wishes they were anywhere else.

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As part of an overall strategy, events can be an excellent way to connect with clients and customers or to make a major announcement. We offer full-service event planning and execution for our clients, but be warned– our ideas are creative, fun, and sometimes a little bit out-there. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The grand opening that was put on for Edgemont Ravines was by far the best I have seen. Coming from a sales perspective, I look at the outcome of a grand opening from a sales generating standpoint - the value of the event concerning lead generation, and the number of qualified prospects resulting from the time, money and effort invested. With that said, the Edgemont Ravines opening was a real success.
- Carla Weinmeyer
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Marcson Homes Ltd.

Past Events:

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