Crisis Communications

When you're explaining, you're losing.

When a crisis hits, the character, credibility, and strength of an organization is laid bare. Call us when you need a trusted, discreet and professional partner to help guide you through a challenge. We help you deal with the situation head-on and clearly communicate what happened, while strengthening your brand and organization’s hard-earned reputation.

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you have a problem.
what do you do next?

Don’t be an ostrich. Putting your head in the sand and hoping the problem goes away isn’t a strategy. The key is to be prepared before a crisis ever hits. From developing a chain of command to draft news releases, there is plenty you can do before problems ever arrive at your door.

Cut through the chaos. Quickly figure out what happened. Often when a crisis hits, the affected organization is the last to know what actually went wrong. Take control of the situation and communicate clearly and simply so there are no surprises down the road.

Be visible. Today’s  news cycle moves at lightning speed. Show you care and are on top of things from the second trouble strikes. Even if you don’t have all the answers right away, by reassuring people your organization isn’t missing in action, it will go a long way in ensuring your reputation and brand won’t take a long-term hit.

Services Provided:

Strategic Direction

Media Training

Media Scan

Internal/External Communication Plans

Reputation Scan and Recommendations

Spokesperson and Media Contact

Social Media Strategy

Board and Executive Leadership Guidance


“We didn’t know what to do and it was clear we didn’t, because when we tried to handle our crisis ourselves, we just made it worse. Thankfully, The Adams Agency came in and took control of the situation. As hard as it was, we needed an outside perspective to make things clear again. It didn’t happen overnight, but thanks to their team, we stopped panicking and were focused. We’ve been able to repair our reputation and re-earn the trust of the public and our donors.” ​
- Senior Leader
Not-For-Profit, Edmonton AB

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