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Misinformation, silence or unclear strategies drag down and kill organizations. Even the most high-performing communications teams need help from time-to-time — this is where we come in. Our diverse clientele across industry and governments provides you the latest in communication best practices, fresh ideas, and tested methods of execution. Whether it is a short- or long-term project, we provide full service support in areas such as internal and external communications, change management, board governance support, strategic and business planning, and innovation communication tactics.

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Services Provided:

In-house Executive Leadership Support

In-house Communication Team (leadership, writers, designers, content)

Internal and External Strategic Planning and Execution

Brand Development

Summits, State-of-the Organization, and Quarterly/Annual Update 

Presentation Planning and Execution

Change Management Support

Reputation Management

Media Training

Crisis Planning and Execution

Annual Reports

“In a time when everything was on the line, The Adams Agency brought in a team of three to help us fill the gaps in our execution roll-out of a major transformation project. Extremely technical for even the most senior pension industry enthusiasts, Jenny and her team were able to come in and immediately hit the ground running. Their output was that of a team of ten and her leadership and confidence helped guide our stakeholders through the change. It was a relief to be able to trust her with such an important part of the project and be able to focus on the rest of the task at hand.
- Vlad Ahmed
Former COO, Alberta Pensions Services

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